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Draped Bust Dollars


Seated Liberty


Trade Dollars

  picture 1876 AU details NGC-013, Graded as Improperly Cleaned, but not in any obvious way, No distracting marks. $280.00
    1876-CC XF RAW, Dark gray toning on both sides. Possibly cleaned/retoned. Priced at Gray-Sheet Wholesale value! Taken in trade, willing to listen to offers. $500.00

Morgan Dollars

SOLD   1879-S MS-66PL raw, #176, rev. of 1879, polished dies obv + rev., white $300.00
    1880-S MS-64 NGC-004, $100.00
SOLD   1880-S MS-66* (star) NGC-002, Toned! $375.00
1881-O MS-64 NGC-034, Brilliant white, reflective and frosty! $210.00
  picture 1881-CC MS-65 NGC-001, This is a great coin that has a hint of pale lavender tone across both sides. As you can see in the pics, there are a few small marks at Liberty's eye and cheek. They also show the few light marks in the fields. This coin is about average for the grade, but it's a solid MS-65! $1,030.00
NEW 1/2014   1882 MS-63-DMPL ANACS-518, Beautiful liquidly reflective fields! $275.00

NEW 2/2014

picture 1882 MS-64- CAC PCGS "Rattler Holder"-348, A nice, original piece with subtle blue-green and orange toning under a pale gray obverse tone.  The reverse has a nice orange undertone with a gray-brown over-toning.  Both sides have great luster under the toning.  CAC Green label! $175.00
NEW 1/2014   1882-S MS-65 CAC PCGS-513, Nicely toned dollar with a CAC Green label sticker! $250.00
  picture 1884-CC MS-61 PCGS-772, Blast White with rainbow toning from about 1:30-4:30. EYE CANDY! $275.00
    1884-O MS-64 PCI, pale, purplish/bronze tone on both sides! $70.00
    1884-O MS-65 raw, # 177, UNIQUE, excessively weak strike! Planchet surfaces visible! Proof-Like surfaces! $175.00
NEW 2/2013   1884-S AU-50 ANACS-192, nice even wear, no significantly distracting marks. $310.00
NEW 2/2013   1885-O MS-64 NGC-016, Nicely toned! $125.00
1885-S AU-55 PCGS-952 $190.00
NEW 9/2014   1885-S MS-63 NGC-036 $375.00
    1886 MS-64 NGC-075, Beautiful red tones! $110.00
NEW 6/2015   1886 MS-64 DMPL PCGS-352 $405.00
    1887 MS-60 RAW, Nicely toned $60.00
NEW 4/2013   1887-S MS-64 PCGS-609 $750.00
    1888 MS-63 RAW, bright white $80.00
    1888 MS-65 ANACS-543, $275.00
    1889 MS-62 PCGS-535 $62.00
    1890 MS-63 RAW, Amber toning on both sides. $80.00
    1890-S MS-64-PL ANACS-975, Blast White! $490.00
    1891 MS-63 RAW, Blast white! $200.00
  1891 MS-64 PCI-039, Beautifully toned! $350.00
    1891-S AU-58 RAW, Bright White! Semi-PL fields! $70.00
  1892-S VF-20 PCGS-610, $185.00
NEW 6/2015   1894 G-04 PCGS-393 $840.00
    1894-O VF-20 PCGS-4581 $58.00
1894-S AG-03 raw, # 134, reverse scratch $50.00
  1894-S VG-10 PCGS, 147 $58.00
1897 MS-65 NGC-255,  $285.00
    1898 MS-64 PCI-002, Gold Label holder. Creamy white and lustrous! Very few marks for the grade! Multiple die-cracks around the reverse rims. Hints of golden tone at the rims. $98.00
1898-S AU-55 PCGS-391, Blast White! $190.00
  pictures 1900-O MS-63-PL NGC-014, BLAST WHITE, PQ EYE CANDY! $125.00
1900-S AU-55 PCGS-470 $215.00
    1901 XF-45 PCGS-766, Nice even wear without distracting marks! $165.00
    1903 AU-55 PCGS-135, $57.00
NEW 9/2014   1904-O MS-63 PCGS-141 $65.00
NEW 9/2014   1904-O MS-63 PCGS-544 $65.00
NEW 9/2014   1904-O MS-63 PCGS-651 $65.00
  pictures 1904-S VF-30 NGC-003. nice even wear, light gray, no distracting marks. Holder damaged in shipping. $150.00
    1921 MS-65 CAC NGC-002, BLAST WHITE, CAC Green label! $205.00
    1921-D MS-64 CAC NGC-001, Blast White! CAC Green label! $145.00
    1921-S MS-63 NGC-018, $84.00

Proof Morgan Dollars


Peace Dollars

  1921 XF-40 PCGS-112, $162.00
    1922 MS-63 ANACS # 1246724 $35.00
  1922 MS-63 PCGS # 7641397, white $35.00
    1922 MS-63 raw, #113, light brown tone $35.00
  1922 MS-64 raw, #100, bright white $55.00
1922 MS-64 NGC-015, bright white $65.00
    1922-S AU-55 raw, #106, white $20.00
    1923 MS-63 NGC # 119798-030, bright white $35.00
  1923 MS-63 ICG # 1469390101, odd gray toning $35.00
1923 MS-63 PCGS-050 $31.00
    1923 MS-64 raw, #101, bright white $55.00
1923 MS-64 NGC-017 $60.00
1923 MS-64 NGC-042 $60.00
1923 MS-64 NGC-009, satiny white luster, flat white splotches on parts of the reverse surface. $53.00
1923 MS-64 NGC-019 $52.00
1923 MS-64 NGC-026 $52.00
1923 MS-64 PCGS-832, white $65.00
    1923 MS-64 PCGS-769 $65.00
  1923 MS-66 NGC-001, Blast White! $730.00
    1923-D MS-60 raw, #108 $55.00
  1924 MS-63 ANACS # 2493814 $35.00
1924 MS-63 PCGS-052 $31.00
    1924 MS-64 raw, #111, bright white $55.00
    1924 MS-64 raw, #105, bright white $55.00
1924 MS-65 NGC-034, Very faint, lustrous umber tones on the obverse rims and across the reverse! $175.00
    1925 MS-64 raw, #114, obv. greenish tone $55.00
1925 MS-64 ANACS 1272819, bright white with a trace of tone at the rim $63.00
  1925 MS-64 ANACS 902257, an nice original skin with faint brown rims $63.00
1926-D MS-62 NGC-039 $155.00
1927-D AU-53 ANACS-112 $84.00
1927-D AU-53 NGC-005, White with undertones of sky-blue! $83.00
NEW 2/2014 picture 1928 MS-63 NGC-004, Bright satiny white with great luster! The NGC holder has a number of scratches on the obverse side that stand out dramatically in pictures. $1,100.00
    1928-S AU-58 raw, #112, nice rim tone, very light wipe, flat strike $100.00
  1928-S MS-63 PCGS-893, satin white with amber traces around the date. $590.00
1934 MS-61 NGC-002, Brilliant white!  $275.00
picture 1934-D AU-58 PCGS-869, beautiful tones! Champagne center fading to pale violet rims! Looks uncirculated! The marks showing in the 3rd picture are dramatically exaggerated, and are invisible to the naked eye! $115.00
1934-D MS-61 PCGS 453, Orange toned reverse! $175.00
  picture 1934-S XF-45 PCGS-825, Nice, original Gray surfaces, decent luster $195.00
  1935 MS-64 raw, #a185894 $165.00
picture 1935-S AU-53 NGC-002, bright white $135.00
picture 1935-S AU-58 ANACS-916, nice white coin $150.00
picture 1935-S MS-63 PCGS-405, bright white $375.00

Eisenhower Dollars

I have many raw Ike dollars, and a roll of BU 1978 available as well. Please contact me for additional information.

  1971-S MS-64 PCGS, silver $20.00
  1972 MS-63 PCGS $22.00
  1972 PR-67HVYCAM ANACS $35.00

Susan B. Anthony Dollars

I have many raw SBA dollars available. Please contact me for additional information.

  1979-P MS-62 PCGS-0631, "WIDE RIM" $12.00

Sacagewea Dollars

I have many raw Sac. dollars. Please contact me for additional information.


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